Bubble Wrap Crafts – Rainy Cloud

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Our Summer Crafts for Preschool fun continues. A few weeks ago, we were having exploring with Bubble Wrap Printing. It was something that we hadn’t done in aaages and the kids really enjoyed the process of painting and seeing all those little bubbles “emerge”.. lots of printing was done (and now we have lots of “wrapping paper all readily made”). We also thought about different craft projects that would look nice using bubble wrap. At the time we made some cute little sheep mobiles.. and then we had a go at this Bubble Wrap Rain Cloud! We were inspired by this (somewhat different) rain cloud craft (aren’t they just the cutest?!) to have a go at ours!

Bubble Wrap Printing Ideas

So we went from this….

Bubble Wrap Printing - happy rain cloud mobile
Note: this post was first shared in April 2015 and has been updated and reposted for your convenience!

To this…

Bubble Wrap Printing Rain Cloud Materials:

  • old bubble wrap
  • paint (white, black and blue)
  • paper (two large sheets of white)
  • wool or string
  • contrasting paper or pens
  • stapler
  • old plastic bags for stuffing
  • a little glue

Bubble Wrap Printing Rain Cloud:

Bubble Wrap Crafts - Rain Cloud Printing

We started off with printing our grey cloud. We squired lots of white and a little (very little!) black onto our bubble wrap and using our paint brushed covered the whole sheet of bubble wrap. Then pressed it down onto the whiet paper and carefully peeled it off.

Bubble Wrap Printing - rain

Make TWO of these.

Whilst the grey print was drying we painted some more bubble wrap blue. And let that dry (note, this will crumble a bit over time, but on the whole ours has lasted very well). It doesn’t matter if the paint isn’t applied evenly, as raindrops are not an even colour either (are they?! Mmmmh).

Bubble Wrap Printing - rain cloud face
Bubble Wrap Printing - rain cloud mobile

Next we cut out some shapes for the eyes and and cheeks. Of course you can draw these on too. 

Once these were stuck on, we cut out a big cloud shape (cut both pieces of paper “back to back” at once to get two pieces the same size.

Next we got our stapler ready and some white wool to hold the rain drops. We stapled this in place, went all around the cloud with the stapler and left an opening for stuffing with plastic bags.

Bubble Wrap Printing - rain cloud RAIN
Bubble Wrap Printing - rain drops mobile

Finally, we cut out some rain drops and glued these into place.Let dry… and ta-daaaaaa we have a gorgeous Bubble Wrap inspired Rain Cloud Mobile!

Bubble Wrap Printing - happy rain cloud mobile

Wishing you a lovely day! Hope you have some fun with Bubble Wrap Printing in the future!

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