Button Crafts: Button Art & Button Cards!

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I love buttons! Buttons are just so tactile and irrestsitble and fun. I can sort through a tin of buttons for hours… We had a mixed back of self adhesive “craft” buttons, that I thought would be just perfect for the kids to get arty with. So I got them sheets of paper, some pens and these buttons… doodled out some ideas, so they could get a feel of what they could do with their buttons and let them create. The kids adored it.. and produced one button doodle art after the other. Pip Squeak then went on a hunt for items to add to her mixed media art. Gorgeous & fun. And just what this session was all about.

Button Art for Kids

These are Red Ted’s (6) creations. The first picture shows a man, with a balloon, looking at a hot air balloon far up in the sky. The white button is the moon. The second picture is a man, with a camper van, with the sun shining down and I think a bird. On the third picture we have the sun shining down on a train on train tracks.

Button Art for Preschoolers

Pip Squeak DID tell me the story to go with her pictures… they were long stories of princess going to bed and hanging up Christmas stockings ready for Santa to come….

Button Art Cards

Finally, I took a couple of the “smaller button” art works and created greeting cards from them. Lovely. I made the hot air balloons. Pip Squeak (4) made the flower and sunshine and Red Ted (6) made the person.


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More info to follow re the video content soon!