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Camp Mom is BACK! Get your Staycation SORTED! All you need to keep kids busy this summer. Including tips on sibling rivalry and over 80 fantastic activities!Camp Mom! Over 80 Activities Tried and tested to keep your kids busy this Summer!

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Woohoo!!! Camp Mom! Is Back!!! Camp Mom! is a Summer Activities ebook, designed to help you make the most of the Summer with the kids at home – WITHOUT you having to pull your hair out. This handy ebook not only brings well over 80 Summer activities, but also helps you plan and manage your Summer, whilst providing you with handy tips and strategies for dealing with sibling conflicts (surely the hardest part of Summer?!). All this, plus more, is crammed into 86 pages that you can quickly print off and put into a Summer Binder.

The Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack was put together by 20 “awesome Moms” with popular and well read websites…

To summaries, you will get:

  • Printable planning pages (Summer Routine, Basic Art Kid, Tasks etc)
  • Four themes with over 45 Simple and FUN activity ideas that are open-ended and perfect for kids aged 2 – 9 . Many activities, come with extension ideas, so you can make more of the activities you love best. The themes encompass – Water, Nature, Art and Sensory Play – the perfect themes to make your Summer brilliant.
  • Adventure ideas and tips – you can have adventures without leaving your backyard
  • Tips for success: managing sibling conflict, what to do with the toddler, how to enjoy a museum with your kids, and etc.
  • Book recommendations 

Take a peak at one of the activity – the layout of the book and how easy it is to follow:

Sensory Water Bag Experience

summer activities ebookOrder now.. only $9.99


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