20 Cardboard Box Craft Ideas


Cardboard Box Ideas

We have a bit of a love affair with Cardboard here on Red Ted Art. Similarly to Loo Rolls, it is a free and super versatile material and we have made so many toys from it that the kids love and play with all the time. With Christmas just over, we have an abundance of cardboard boxes in our house, so I thought sharing cardboard box craft ideas would be the thing to do.

The great thing about cardboard boxes, is that it is something that we tend to throw away. So you can basically just have a go and experiment and not worry about whether you are “wasting” anything. It makes a great canvas for children’s art and there is nothing like letting your kids loose on a cardboard box. Lots of opportunities to explore and discover themselves.

The Cardboard Box Craft Ideas Video

Cardboard Box Craft Ideas Detail/Links

Knights Costume DIY from Cardboard

1) Cardboard Knights Shield

Kids Cardboard Guitar

2) Cardboard Box Guitar


3) Cardboard Box Pirate Ship & Rowing Boat with Treasure Box

Fairy Wing Craft How To

4) Cardboard Fairy Wings

5) Construct with cardboard boxes and let the kids have free reign – creating a cardboard box for hexbugs from Kids Chaos (watch from 7min)

6) Year Planner (and free Printable!) from Kids Chaos

Karel Appel inspired Junk Collage

7) Cave Painting Art (and general Canvas for Art – as per our recycled art project) (watch from 8min 30sec)


8) Shoe Box Shelves from Zing Zing Tree (9min 20sec)

9) Box Handbags from Zing Zing Tree (watch from 10min 20)

10) Cardboard Box Phone From Zing Zing Tree (watch from 11min)

11) Cardboard Box Clocks (watch from 11min 30sec)

12) London Bus from Zing Zing Tree (watch from 13min)

13) Concertina Clutch Bags from Zing Zing Tree (watch from 13min 30sec)

14) Cardboard box beads (!) (watch from 14min 20sec)

15) Cardboard Coasters from Domestic Goddesque – these double up as a giant tic tac toe game (watch from 16min)


16) Papier Mache Chicken from Domestic Goddesque (17min 30sec)

17) Eiffel Tower from Domestic Goddesque (18min 20sec)


18) Giant Letters or Giant Numbers (as party or room decor) from Domestic Goddesque ( watch from 19min) –

Additional cardboard box craft ideas, not on the video:

dolls house diy

19) Make a Cardboard Box Doll’s House and Doll’s House Accessories

And finally:

Cardboard Box storage ideas

20) Pretty storage boxes from DIY Centre.

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