Cardboard Box Crafts: Computer


Continuing our celebration of the UK Blogging Awards “BiBs”, we have another lovely guest poster from the Craft Category today. For me, events like the BiBs, is an opportunity to explore and celebrate my peer group and get excited about all things crafty. So I have asked some of the “competition” if they would like to stop by and do a guest post for me. A chance for me AND you, to get to know them beter! Today we have Jessica from Along Came Cherry sharing a fun Cardboard Box craft (how we love to upcycle!).

Cardboard Box crafts - computer (4)

We always seem to have a lot of empty cardboard boxes lying around our house and I hate just throwing them away so am always trying to think of things to do with them. My little girl loves anything that is a toy version of things I use and as a blogger I use my laptop a lot so I decided to make her one out of an old shoebox.

Cardboard Box crafts - computer (1)

I cut three of the sides off the bottom of the box and used my glue gun to secure the remaining side to the lid allowing it to lift up and down. Then I glued paper all over it (my little girl chose pink, she’s three and everything has to be pink!).

Cardboard Box crafts - computer (2)

Then I let her paint the lid.

Cardboard Box crafts - computer (3)

I covered all the sides in some purple washi tape and glued a photo on the screen like a screensaver. Then I stuck on little squares of washi tape for the keys before sticking some alphabet and number stickers on them. If you have any little velcro circles then you could use those to hold the lid closed. You could also make some different cards to stick over the screensaver, with letters and numbers on maybe. You could also use an adult sized shoe box if you wanted to make a large one.


Here is the finished result…

Cardboard Box crafts - computer (4)

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