CD Rainbow Fish Craft for Valentines

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Hi, my name is Carol and I am the owner of My Bored Toddler. It’s very exciting to be part of Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Love series and I really hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day Rainbow Fish craft. My Bored Toddler was founded when I realised that there was a lot of parents of 1-3 year olds struggling to find activities to entertain their toddlers. We are a resource for toddler craft, activities and recipes

Today’s craft is based on one of my favourite children’s books ‘The Rainbow Fish’. I’ve made a version of this activity many times, but today we have put a love spin on it! When using this activity I like to show my kids the finished product that I have already made and encourage them to use their own creativity in regards to the actual design (with toddlers it can get very creative!).

rainbow fish book

Get your copy of this classic book here: US/ UK (affiliate links)

Valentine’s Day CD Rainbow Fish Craft– Materials:

  • CD or DVD (blank ones or old ones that you don’t use anymore)
  • Love heart stickers in a variety of shapes and designs. I highly recommend using stickers, as gluing doesn’t work very well.
  • Stick on diamantes
  • Glitter Cardboard
  • Googly eyes
  • Black felt pen

How to make a Valentine’s Day CD Rainbow Fish Craft

Valentine's Day CD Rainbow Fish Craft. A great upcycled craft for kids

  1. Using the glitter cardboard, cut out 3 heart shapes. 2 of them should be the same size and one larger one for the tail.
  2. Give your child the stickers and diamantes and let them have fun sticking them wherever they like
  3. Stick on the googly eye
  4. Glue on the gills and tail
  5. Draw on the mouth

These look great hanging somewhere where they get a lot of sun as the light constantly reflects off them.

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