Cereal Box Picture Frames


How do you manage your kids’ art? Well, we try our best, but I know I don’t manage it as well as I could. We save a lot and Granny gets a lot and we recycle a lot (into other things). And then I got together with crafty bloggers to discuss what to “make from a cereal box” and I had a light bulb moment: Box Frames. A friend of mine has a lovely white one for her kids art. They are super quick to make. I made 3 in about 35 minutes. Really quick and they look great and make the kids art look lovely. You can store about 8-10 bits of art per box and display one at a time.

Storing Kids Art in DIY Box Picture Frames
First shared in 2013

For these Cereal Box Frames you will need:

  • cereal box,
  • scissors, 
  • Stanley knife and ruler,
  • acrylic paint (though you could try decoupage?)

How to make your display Frames from a cereal box

Cereal Box Frames

UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE – it is hard to paint on the “shiny” part of a cereal box – you need to use acrylics for this and not everyone likes to use them…. so. When you take your box appart as per the above, you can also “turn it inside out”, so you have the soft grey area showing outside and the shiny bit on the inside. This makes it MUCH easier to paint!

1) Cut your box into two halves – but rather than cutting it in the exact middle – cut it approx 1cm from the edge – this will make the width of your frame. Check the photo. I also cut away the flaps on one end from ONE half of the carton, I decided to make the access o the side, but you can do it at the top too.

Box Frames to display kids art

2) Using a metal ruler and stanly knife, cut out the display section.

UPDATE: if you turn your Cereal box inside out, I grey side out, not the shiny part out, then it is easier to paint and you will only need one layer

cereal box crafts

3) Glue flaps back in place and hold with clothes peg.

4) Glue the two halves together – by sliding the one with the display hole OVER the back.

5) Paint in whatever colours suit you! Note: depending on how your acrylics are made – you may have to paint a white layer below your final colour OR you may want to add a “thicker” colour underneath it or mix in some white. White usually is Opaque, so are pastels. Pure reds, blues and yellows aren’t always. Alternatively papier mache your frames. OR you can turn your cereal box inside out before you put it back together again – exposing the grey area.

6) Hang. Fill with pictures. Stand back and admire!

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