Chalk Pastel Heart Art for Valentine’s Day

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We have a lovely Valentine’s Art Project for you today! We love Valentine’s Day as it lends itself to so many different types of craft and art projects!

Today, have a go at Chalk Pastel Heart Art! It is great to try out new materials and mediums with the kids. And this Step by Step guide shows you how easy it is to work with Chalk Pastels. Such a great Valentine’s Day Craft for kids!

Chalk Pastel Resist Heart Art

Hi! I’m Angela from Projects with Kids and I’m thrilled to be able to share this gorgeous chalk pastel resist heart art with you today. We love creating chalk pastel art on black paper. The black paper makes the colors extra bright and vivid, they look like they are almost glowing. 

Using white glue for this project creates a barrier that acts as a resist for the pastels and makes the art look a bit like stained glass. This is a wonderful Valentine’s Day art project that kids will have fun creating!

Supplies Needed for thsi Chalk Pastel Art project

  • Black drawing paper or black pastel paper
  • Chalk pastels
  • White Glue
  • Pencil
  • Paper towels

Working with chalk pastels

How to use chalk pastels - Heart Art for Valentines
Chalk Pastel Heart Art’s for Valentine’s! So pretty!

Pastels are always a fun art activity that kids enjoy, they are easy to use and don’t require a lot of supplies. But they can get a bit messy, here are a couple of tips for working with chalk pastels.

  • Keep some paper towels handy for kids to wipe their hands (you can use wet paper towels for this as well)
  • Take your paper outside to blow off any excess dust
  • Use a wet cloth or paper towel to wipe down the table
  • Store your pastel art between newspaper to keep it from smudging

Create your own chalk pastel resist heart art

1. First, you want to cut your paper to your desired size. I cut our paper to 9 x 9-inch squares. I found this a good size, it’s big enough for kids to trace their designs in glue and have enough room between the glue resist for lots of bright chalk pastel colors. 

We used black drawing paper for this project but black pastel paper also works great. 

2. Have kids draw out their heart design onto their paper. Start with drawing one big heart in the center first and then draw your design around that. A simple design looks best!

3. Trace your design with white glue. Go slowly and carefully with this step. 

Set aside your paper to dry, it will need several hours or overnight to dry completely. Keep your paper flat as it dries so the glue doesn’t run.

We have used this glue resist technique in several pastel projects, take a look at these beautiful chalk pastel sunflowers for another great idea!

How to use chalk pastels - Heart Art for Valentines
Let the glue dry fully – black glue can be used against white paper too

4. Once the glue is dry you are ready to color with pastels. Have kids choose a few colors that they would like to use and start in the center of their design, working outward. Each section separated by glue can be a different color. 

How to use chalk pastels - Heart Art for Valentines
Kids love experimenting with new materials

You can color an area with one color or try blending a few different shades together for a beautiful effect. 

How to use chalk pastels - Heart Art for Valentines
Blending pastels is fun and easy

Blending with pastels is a fun process that kids love! Take a look at these 5 essential chalk pastel techniques for more details. 

I hope you enjoyed this art tutorial and are inspired to give this pastel art a try!

How to use chalk pastels - Heart Art for Valentines
Your Pastel Hearts are finished!

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