Christmas Jumper Craft Idea


If you are living in the UK, you may know that this week is Christmas Jumper Day – a day to celebrate Christmas and raise money for Save The Children. And the lovely people at Westfield are donating £10 for anyone that writes about Christmas Jumper Day and includes a Selfie (see below) of them wearing their jumper. Yay!

Anyway, I thought… but what to do with all those Christmas Jumpers AFTER the event, especially if you bought some for the kids and they outgrow them so quickly.. easy! Turn your Christmas Jumper in a special Christmas Cushion. This has lots of benefits – it costs practically nothing to make – you reuse your existing cushions! You have a special decorative cushion you can get out at Christmas and that the kids can use for watching their Christmas movies AND you can protect your cushions from all those chocolatey sticky fingers at Christmas. Brilliant.

Christmas Jumper Craft Ideas

Alternatively, check out our Christmas Stockings, they would look GREAT made from an old Christmas jumper too!

Christmas Jumper Cushion Materials:

Christmas Jumper Craft

  • An old Christmas Jumper (out grown, stained, hole-y)
  • Your settee cushion (don’t worry, you get it back after Christmas)
  • Scissors and sewing thread & a big button

1) Pin your Christmas jumper in a square shape to fit your settee cushion! If you can – use the 2 sides of your jumper as the sides of your cushion. Then all you need to do is sew across the top.

2) Across the bottom – carefully cute some holes for 1-2 large buttons and stitch to avoid fraying. Alternatively, you could use some velcro for closing your cushion, in which case, cut your jumper to size, sew down the edges to avoid an raffling and then add your velcro.

3) Pop in your settee cushion and done!

4) At the end of Christmas, remove your cushion, folder you jumper and store away for next year. What could be easier?!

Christmas Jumper Day 2013

And here is my Christmas Jumper Selfie, supporting Save The Children.

I will be making a donation to the fundraising day this Christmas too!

Want to help you can:

  • Share your selfie pictures online with #XmasJumperDay, and if you don’t have colleagues to share the fun with, join the twitter party on Friday at 1pm.
  • Donating your £1 is super easy – you can simply text TEAMTHINLYS to 70050 or donate online.