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You tell me what you like and I will give it to you! And it looks like you LOVE Adult Coloring Pages .. well in that case… here we have some MORE fabulous colouring pages for grown ups. This is a set of flowers and patterns – all about mindfulness and making DREAMS MATTER. Let your mind wander, as you get creative. I think this beautifully dreamy mandalas, would also make a great Easter Coloring Page motif!

We have MANY MORE colouring pages for you to choose from – both for kids (with some great preschool packs) and adults. Do have a browse and see what you can discover. The Dolphins for Grown Ups are particularly popular, as are the bug sheets for preschoolers!

FLOWERS - Meditative Art Therapy Colouring Pages for Adults - loose yourself in colouring

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I have been asked a number of times what pens we use and have (and the ones in the picture) – we have this set from Faber Castell, they are brilliant and I highly recommend them! (affiliate links)

Great colouring pens for kids - faber castell

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This set of 3 colouring pages are an extract from the Dream Matter’s colouring book by Lynette Rozine. She is an author and artists and has a number of wonderful books for to explore – a combination of art therapy books to achieve a calmer life focusing on “living for you”, as well as colouring books to give you that space for thought and meditation. Check them all out here:

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Free Coloring Pages for Adults - check out this fantastic set of Colouring Pages for Grown Ups. So many different themes and ideas to choose from. The lion is simply AWESOME!

We have MORE Coloring Pages for Adults to browse!

Meditative and calming colouring books as well as self help books. A must read for anyone seeking a quiet mind

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