Cotton Wool Bunny Card for Preschool

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Many many moons ago, my daughter came home with a Cotton Wool Snowman. I still have it. I love it so much. It has that sweetness and simplicity of toddler and preschooler art. She made it whilst at nursery, so must have been about three. Too cute. Too precious. The use of the cotton wool pads, instead of the cotton wool balls, made me think that these would actually be ideal for a Cotton Wool Bunny Card version too!

Easy Easter Cards for Preschool! Make these cute Cotton Wool Bunny Cards for Easter. Perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers #preschool #toddler #easter #bunny

We love Preschool Easter Crafts – a challenging but darling age group to work with – so I came up with this easy Cotton Wool Bunny Design. As it is based on our little Snowman, I hope it will delight children of that age group too. It got the stamp of approval of my (now 8yrs old).. so if you do make these with 2 and 3yrs olds this Easter, please do send me some photos!! I would love to see them. A fabuluos Card Making Idea for kids!

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Now this is optional.. but I also love that the kids get to munch on a chocolate egg whilst making these… a sweet treat whilst getting crafty!

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Cotton Wool Bunny Art for Preschool – Materials

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  • per bunny 3 cotton wool pads (the flat round ones) – called cotton rounds in the US/ UK
  • one cotton wool pud (for the bunny tail)
  • some card stock (I folded some A4 construction paper in half)
  • “bits and bobs” for decorating – I used:
    • Green scrap paper
    • Googly eyes (US/ UK)
    • Pink scrap paper
    • CHOCOLATE EGGS (now which child won’t enjoy munching on an egg.. before getting crafty?) US/ UK
  • glue (US/ UK)
  • pens (optional)

How to make Cotton Wool Bunny Cards with Toddlers & Preschoolers

These Easter Bunny Cards are super easy to make and are really more about “assembly” and letting your preschool kids and toddlers go whilst with glue and stuff to stick.

Your Easter Bunny is made up of two cotton wool pads stuck on the card. The ears are cut off the third cotton round – two strips for each ear.

Then glue on your googly eyes and cotton wool bud tail.

Then decorate with pens (for whiskers), paper for a nose (though you could use pens for this too..).

Use the green paper for grass – if you have fabric to use, then great!

And finally, munch away on some chocolate mini eggs and use the foil to add as “chocolate egg details” to your Toddler Bunny Collage.

Easy Easter Cards for Preschool! Make these cute Cotton Wool Bunny Cards for Easter. Perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers #preschool #toddler #easter #bunny

And and your collage bunny card for toddlers is FINISHED!!!

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