Creative Christmas Day 4: Christmas Song

It is Day 4 of our Creative Christmas Countdown – a virtual Advent Calendar to give you activity inspiration throughout the Advent season. Brought to you by Red Ted Art, Creative With Kids and 24 Kids Activities Bloggers.

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Today, I have the pleasure to introduce the wonderful Angelique, bringing us the Magic of Christmas through music and video. Angelique, is  a talented multi lingual blogger and  has a wonderful blog full of fun, play, music and is bursting with love and enthusiasm  It is the sort of site you will visit and leave again smiling. She also has a fantastic youtube channel which is well worth taking a peak at!

Head over to Angelique Felix for your special Day 4 of the Creative Christmas Countdown!

Tip of the Day:  Children learn behaviours from us – if they see us being “shy” about singing or “shy” about drawing.. and hear us say things like “Oh I can’t draw to save my life” or “My singing is rubbish”, they will start saying similar things and not believing in their own ability. So, my tip of the day is: don’t be shy. Just go for it. Children will think what you do is wonderful. Encourage them to sing/ draw and to take part, by singing/ drawing and taking part yourself!! Here a post on “Why, How and Tips” to getting craftier with your kids, but it applies to many kids activities.

Tomorrow, for Day 5 of the countdown as well as a new holiday tip be sure to visit Creative with Kids!  

Will you having at today’s Christmas Activity? Do come back and tell us how it went!