Creative Process with Sprout

I would like to begin this post with a little bit of Christmas Cheer!!!! The kids and I have been having some FUN with Sprout animations and send you our Season’s Greetings!

Say aaaaah.

Anyway, as you know we are a GREAT fan of LOO ROLL crafts and have made many many things over the years. Normally, we sit down and get lots of different materials out and start snip snipping away and seeing how things COULD look and COULD fit together.  But as we have had the Sprout on loan to play with, I thought I would try something a little different and do some creative planning with this special desktop! (If you are interested in reading about the key features of the Sprout, check out this article of here that I wrote.. Sprout has also been helpful in creating some cool collages for a rather large Ornaments Crafts post I did!)

Sprout has many fun features.. but the Capture and then the Create Feature for particularly fun for this project…

  1. First we captured a number of items in one go:

creating with the help of Sprout (4)

Step 1 – Capture Feature

2. We tidied up our items in the Create Setting

creating with the help of Sprout (3)

Step 2 tidying up items

3. Create some additional shapes out of your fabrics and ribbons – using the stampers in create:

creating with the help of Sprout (1)

This is great fun for different fabrics and textures. It is also a great way for thinking about whether you need to get any  more materials in – you may only have one piece of blue felt, but you may need lots more of it!

4 Finally.. the really fun bit.. use the Create feature to play and experiment seeing what sort of Loo Roll creations you can come up with:

creating with the help of Sprout (2)

We had a go at different characters.. look what faces looked good – whether we wanted pom pom noses or drawn on noses.. exchanging fabrics and ribbons to look and design.

And then the kids were so inspired that they wanted to create an animation that reflect our creation process – sharing again the animation from above:

We really had fun exploring and creating and seeing what we can make! If you would like to find out more about the Sprout, please do read my earlier articles –

Key Features of the Sprout and our 49 Ornaments Crafts, where I used the sprout to create some fun collages!

Sprout by HP

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