Planting Creative SeedsWelcome to the Creative Resource Page and the Planting Creative Seeds Challenge that I am working on with Alissa from Creative with Kids.

As New Year’s Resolutions are made… if craftiness for you or for you children is on the agenda, we would love to help you on your journey. If you are joining us “later” in the year.. don’t worry. Just dip in and get started!

Crafting and creativity is such a rewarding activity that we would love to help you do more!

Here is a thought for you: to me creativity is not just about the “obvious” – i.e. being able to draw or paint. It is not even about the classic crafting skills, such as knitting or sewing.. you can be a highly creative person and an accomplished gardener. Similarly, many cooks are very creative too. So. Spark your creativity. Whatever it is…

Here will find a resource page that we are “filling” as each challenge week progresses.

Week 1: Planting Your Creative Seed

Although creativity is often spontaneous, it does also benefit from some planning. Start off with a plan and see where it takes you! Ask your self some questions:

  • Why do you want to become more creative?
  • Who do you want to become more creative with?
  • What sorts of things would you like to try out?
  • What resources do you have? What resources are missing? How can you fill the resource gap?
  • What time scales are you looking at?
  • What outcome are you hoping for? What would make you happy?

If you are thinking of trying out new things, check out these posts to help you along:

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Week 2: Organisation

My main challenge is “Mess and Hoarding” – both of which I feel can inhibit creativity.

  1. What are your organisational challenges?
  2. How will your organise yourself?
  3. What do you need to tackle first?
  4. What does a good result look like?
Week 3: Now go getting crafting!!!!

If you are a blogger, why not share your ideas and thoughts in the linky party below. That way, other’s can stop by your blog and use YOUR ideas as a resource to help them on the creative path. If you are not a blogger, do write down what you would like to do and revisit it.

Come and Link Your Planning & Organisational Posts and Inspiration

In the meantime, some books for you to browse! (click on the book to read the review):

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