Daily Creativity: Nurturing The Artists Within: Cloud Spotting


Welcome to my next installment in the “Daily Creativity” series. Last week, I explained what I aim to achieve with the Daily Creativity series and how simple it can be to nurture your young artists. We also explored potato print making in an “open ended” environment (and met with some anxiety!). Learning about skills and techniques is of course key to any artistic activity!

Another key dimension however is imagination.

Kids of course have bags of imagination. You only need to listen to them playing with each other to hear it. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot nurture and encourage it with this very simple “game”.

Remember –  the idea is, not do these things just *once* and tick them off the list, but to do them again and again and again.

It also makes for a comfortable togetherness – lying on a picnic blanket on a grassy verge looking into the summer sky… aaaah. I think at heart I am a bit of a dreamer.. if I allow myself  to stop(-multitasking), sit back and relax.

The weather has been atrociousness here in the UK and this has been the first lovely day of Cumulus Clouds (aka fluffy white clouds that look like all sorts of wonderful things) in a long long time!

A precious moment, spent with my precious son.  So:

Look up into the sky… and tell me what you see…?

As simple as that!  And then look where the conversation takes you – first spot the wonderful creatures (it is easy to start with sheep) and patterns.. and then see if you can make a story (where are all those sheep hurrying to? Look that sheep, is turning into a Giraffe, wait no, a banana… what IS happening in cloud land?).

Project done.

Do it whilst looking out of a bus window. Whilst at the playground having a snack break. Or embrace the summer sun, lying down, your feet in lush grass and staring at the blue blue sky!

***I feel so relaxed***

cloud spotting

Now if you want to then move on and learn all about clouds, why not use our DIY Cloud Identifier? A fun weather craft and learning tool.