Despicable Me Minions – Finger Puppets


You will soon see that, Despicable Me is all the RAGE in our house at the moment, we have three fab and fun Minion crafts coming up over the next week, so I hope you like those funny little yellow characters too!!!

The lovely people at Universal challenged me to come up with some videos – showing you how to make Minion Finger Puppets, how to make some Minion Cupcakes and how to make a Minion Fancy Dress costume! (Own your Despicable Me DVD today).

DM_Start-End cards_1

We started off with the Finger Puppets – as they are super duper quick and easy to make.

I think they would be a great craft activity for Despicable Me Birthday Party or for a Despicable Me movie night. 

Materials: Yellow, blue, black felt (and a little grey optional), googly eyes, white glue and black wool

Do take care with the quality of your felt – as discussed in the video – cheap felt will need a hot glue gun for glueing, whilst good quality felt will be fine with good white glue!

See how we did:

 Minion Puppets

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