DIY Fortnite Crafts & Party Ideas

Fortnite. Love it or hate it.. it appears hear to stay. And I say… if you can’t beat it JOIN it. So in order to celebrate the currrent Fortnite Gaming craze, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of DIY Fortnite Crafts and DIY Fortnite Party ideas. Some – to be quite honest – are simply crazy fun to “watch the make” (not sure I would make them) others are a great idea at having a go at! I mean you may (just) be old enough to play Fortnite and still love a bit of slime.. so how about some DIY Chug Jug Slime.. right? I have also included some a list of great products from Esty, that will hopefully make any DIY Fortnite Party easy to organise and oh so fun – so hopefully that list is super helpful to you too! Anyway.. without further a do…

DIY Fortnite Craft Ideas and DIY Fortnite Party Ideas - if you can't beat them.. join them #fortnite #gaming #party

DIY Fortnite Craft Ideas

Fortnite Party Ideas and Fortnite Gift Ideas (from Etsy)

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