DIY Paper Fan – Melon Fans!

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We have a couple of fans from holidays abroad that Pip Squeak ADORES and is always playing with. So I thought it would be fun to have a go at making our own DIY Paper Fans. Paper Fans are pretty easy and inexpensive to make and you can make them in any design or colours or us plain paper even and decorate with pens and glitters. With our paper fans we also upcycled some of the kids Ice Lollie Sicks. Making it the perfect Summer Craft!! Part of our collection of DIY Watermelon Craft Ideas!

How to Make Easy Paper Fans. Great craft for kids or grown ups. Make water melons or pretty patterns using scrapbook paper. These would be cute wedding favours or a summer party craft. Wonderful easy to follow paper fan tutorial.
These Watermelon Fans were first shared in June 2016!

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DIY Paper Fans (easy!) – Materials

  • 2 sheets of A4 paper cut in half LENGTH WAYS (if you want to make the melons, you will need 1 green sheet and one white sheet too)
  • Glue stick
  • craft sticks or lollie sticks
  • A little tape
  • Pens (optional)

DIY Paper Fans (easy!) – How To:

Follow these practical video instructions on autoplay or read the written instructions down below!

I actually filmed this video 3 times! Now that is dedication for you!

Easy DIY Paper Fans – written instructions:

  1. Cut your A4 sheets of paper in half LENGTH WISE. You will only need 3 of these strips. But by all means experiment and use all four. For the MELON we cut 2 sheets of A4 of red paper. Then some strips in green (approx 2cm wide) and white (approx 1cm) a then using the glue stick stuck them all together to creat the melon piece colour order. We then added black seeds with a pen.
  2. Concertina fold each strip approx 1cm wide.
  3. Stick your three pieces together with a glue stick. Make sure they are stuck together firmly.
  4. Now bunch them all together to make them as flat as possible. And secure the BOTTOM of your paper with some sellotape.
  5. Glue a craft stick on either end.
  6. Carefully open up – and DONE! Gorgeous

Aren’t they lovely! Hope you enjoyed our Melon DIY Paper Fans and that you have a go!!!! I think you will also love our 4th of July Paper Fans. You can make them from scratch or use our easy DIY Paper Fans Template!!

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Enjoy your Paper Fans!!!!

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