DIY Unicorn Costume

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Yes! It is that time of year again.. time for you (?) and the kids to get dressed up!! I love how in the US Halloween Fancy Dress is NOT just about the spooky and the gory (here in the UK Halloween is exclusively, witches, ghosts, monsters and scary stuff), but that you get to dress up as anything you want! A bit like our Fasching in Germany come February time. It is a time of year to have fun and get dressed up as your favourite thing or character. We love making our own costumes and fancy dress. Making your own costume DIY for us is about the anticipation of the great event, it is about having a costume that is a bit different and original and it is about having something that is just right for us! We love No Sew Halloween Costumes!!

DIY Unicorn Horn & Costume Idea for Halloween

A few years back, we had a fun Unicorn Party – and I wish I had come up with our Unicorn Costume idea then.. well.. it isn’t QUITE a costume, but more a headdress AND make up tutorial (depending on the age group). Then simply wear flowing white with this and you are sorted. We LOVE fancy dress where you can dress normally (and nicely), but have a wow factor detail…

DIY Unicorn Horn and Costume Idea for Halloween

So today’s DIY unicorn costume idea comes in two parts – there is how to make a unicorn horn (made from paper bags, how cool) and then there is a fantastic “dead” unicorn make up tutorial for those who want to take it a step further for Halloween. This is a collabration between Red Ted Art and Advise My Style – a fantastic Make Up Artist on YouTube who is totally down to earth and all about keeping make up natural and real!

How to Make a DIY Unicorn Horn from a Paper Bag

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Dead Unicorn Make Up for Halloween Tutorial

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Happy Trick or Treating!