Quick Craft Post: Doll’s House Decorating

A quick update on the Doll’s House craft shenanigans!  You may remember from the image below, that the “attic rooms” didn’t not have a back wall. The result has been, that the kids constantly knock things down to the back of the doll’s house and the rooms didn’t get used much.

dolls house diy

So today, we got crafty, cut out some triangular walls for the doll’s house, then stuck some flowers on from a catalogue and sealed it all with Mod Podge. Hooray for a bit of decoupage. The colour scheme was 100% decided by the kids!

flower decoupage

dolls house decorating ideas

dolls house decoupage walls

I think the rooms look very pretty in “purple” and “orange”.

Now we just need some extra beds (Grandpa hasn’t got one) and some sofa’s!

I love how, every time we do something to the house, the children have a really good playing session – almost like re-invigorating an old toy again and again!