Doodle Bees – Creating Keepsakes from Artwork

I often get asked what I do with *all those* the drawings that my kids produce… well, yes, there are rather a lot of them.. and I do a number of things:

* We have an Artfolder

* We have Magnetic Art Gallery

* We have an Annual Calendar

* We take lots of photos and scan things

* Red Ted has a “gallery” on his wall

* *cough* yes, I do throw quite a number away 🙁

And now… the lovely lady at Doodle Bees sent us an adorable little charm made from his artwork! How cute is that? I let Red Ted unwrap it and you should have seen the delight on his little face. It really is adorable – and whilst Silver Plated, they are a snip at £15. There are sterling silver products for you to choose from too. What a fabulous gift for someone!

artwork keepsakes

I reckon make some key rings or cufflinks and you will have Father’s Day all sorted. The only difficult thing will be choosing which piece of art you want to use!

And thank you Doodle Bees for let me have my very own special keepsake. I love it!