Easy DIY Jewelry Tree


I have two very special crafts for you here today on Red Ted Art. They were created as part of a Women on YouTube celebration, where I invited 10 female YouTubers to show us some crafty makes and bakes. Today’s lovely DIY Jewelry tree was created by T1 Drama Queen – a lovely 11yrs old YouTuber. I love that this is a craft made by kids for kids and really shows you what is “do able”. T1 Drama Queen also shares a fabulous Paper Cup Loud Speaker How To – perfect for your creating more sound for your ipod or smart phone. Both are such clever thrifty makes and I love how confidently she shows you how to make them. So..  here we go:

Two fabulous crafts created in collaboration with 11yrs T1 Drama Queen

First up we have the Jewelry Tree How To – you will need:

  • some lovely sticks/ branches
  • paint (Use spray paint or acrylics.. remember to only use spray paint outdoors)
  • Clay/ Plasticine/ Stones or melt & pour silicon
  • Empty jam jar
  • Decorative bits and pieces

Easy Jewelry Tree How To:

And this is how easy and fun it is to make your jewelry tree! Remember to subscribe to Red Ted Art on Youtube!

Next we have T1 Drama Queen’s DIY Loudpeaker, you will need

  • a carboard tube
  • 2 paper cups
  • paint
  • glue
  • scissors
  • decorative piece

Easy Paper Cup Loud Speakers DIY:

Watch this great how to video! If you love what you see, remember to subscribe to T1 Drama Queen