Easy DIY Lip Balm for Kids (Flavoured)

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As my kids get older (now 6 and 8 years old), we find our crafts get older too.. and my daughter has been in heaven over today’s activity: super duper Easy DIY Lip Balm. This is probably the EASIEST DIY lip balm out there, though there are many fabulous DIY recipes for you to check out (Study at Home Mama had some fun turning theirs into lip gloss), we kept it a little simple and just went for the flavoured DIY Lip Balm. Nice and simple and oh so simple (though we have a tinted lip balm coming soon too). Pip Squeak has loved designing the labels (too cute) for her lip gloss and experimenting with the “flavours” and has LOVED even more taking these into school and giving these as gifts to her friends and teachers (I think it makes for a GREAT alternative teacher’s gift.. especially at Christmas, when lip balm is in much need). It is super cheap to make and great fun to give!

Super Easy DIY Lip Balm for Kids to Make - using common ingredients

Easy DIY Lip Balm

We can’t wait to give the lip balm tinting a go and experiment some more!

Easy peasy DIY Lip Balm - the kids will love to make this! Great gift for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day too!

And of course you can design your lip balm labels any way you wish.

So… to make Easy DIY Lip Balm You will need:

  • Petroleum Jelly* such as vaseline or a supermarket own brand (you can get it online here US/ UK) (affiliate links)
  • Food flavourings from the kitchen such as vanilla, mint or chocolate
  • A little tin 10-15ml capacity (we got these US (be sure to select the right size)/ UK)(affiliate links)
  • Paper and pritt stick for the labels
  • A spoon and toothpick.

* there many people who dislike petroleum jelly and there are indeed slightly trickier lip balm recipes out there that use coconut oil or beeswax etc, but for our family petroleum jelly actually works best and it is super inexpensive and easy to find in the shops

How to Make Easy DIY Lip Balm:

DIY Lip Balm - only 2 ingredients needed!

As we were making this after school… on a dark winter’s day, I don’t actually have that many photos of Pip Squeak at work… so just watch the video here instead: