Easy (Last Minute) Gift Wrapping Ideas with Brown Paper


Well… I don’t know about you, but I frequently get “caught out” with no Gift Wrapping Paper left over. So much so, that last year, I pulled together 12 DIY Gift Wrap ideas for you to browse and be inspired by (as well as getting the kids involved and helping!). A few weeks back, I went to the Hobbycraft “Christmas Show”, where they had all their lovely wares on show for us to peruse, as well as lots adn lots of crafty ideas – including these oh so simple Gift Wrap ideas using Brown Paper and some bit and pieces from the craft store. I took all the photos on my phone – so I apologize for the slight “grainy-ness”, but think you will still enjoy the ideas non the less… love how they are indeed “simple” and easy to do!

brown paper wrapping ideas

Adore these sweet little idea – get some Christmassy wool, wrap, make a bow and add some little pom poms. Too cute. The rustic look of the garden string and rough fabric look lovely on the second present too.

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here we have a pom pom tastic present. How effective do three pom poms look??? My kids are obsessed with pom pom making, so this is a great way for us to decorate presents. Would work well for a birthday too. Again, looking at the two gifts on the left – love the combination of mini pine cones/ Christmas bells and simple string to decorate.

Last minute gift wrap ideasAnd finally – get a bag of craft buttons and decorate a simple brown paper pracel with those. Effective, fun cute. What was particularly noteworthy – is that you don’t have to make EVERY present this “colourful”. Make a couple of key gifts in bright funky colours (e.g. the buttons or pom poms) and keep the other simple and rustic using nature finds such as mini pinecones or some fake red berries. Job done!
Happy DIY GIft Wrapping!

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