Easy T-shirt Yarn Hairbands


T-Shirt Yarn is a fabulous and totally underestimate material for kids to craft with. Firstly, T-Shirt Yarn is REALLY easy to make (see how to make T-shirt yarn here), it is great for all those hand me down t-shirts, that well, can’t really be handed down any more!!! AND it is like crafting with super thick and chunky wool/ chunky yarn. As you know, chunk wool can be expensive… whilst DIY T-shirt Yarn is FREE + a great upcycle. Anyway, I waffle. I hope you are convince already…. one of the easiest T-Shirt Yarn Projects for Kids, are these super duper easy T-Shirt Yarn Hairbands – they are bright, colourful, simple and practical and can be made in minutes!

Easy T-shirt Yarn Hairbands - These T-Shirt Yarn Alice Bands are super easy and fun to make. A great upcycle project for kids.

T-shirt Yarn Hairband – Materials

  • T-shirt yarn in 3 different colours
  • An elastic band (optional)
  • Any bead or flower embellishments that you may have (optional)

We made the dark blue t-shirt yarn hairband from my son’s school PE t-shirt that had 3 holes in it! Teehee.

The yellow one was actually made by one of Pip Squeak’s friends (aged 6.5 at the time) and I thought it was a wonderful little gift to a friend. I am so pleased she did gift it, as it gave me the opportunity to share this fun and simple DIY with!

How to make a t-shirt yarn hairband

As per usual, we share with you today a quick and simple how to make a t-shirt yarn VIDEO. But I have also added written instructions for you below!

How to make a T-shirt yarn Hairband – Step by Step Instructions.

  1. Cut three strands of T-shirt yarn in different colours – I usually use about double of what I want the final hairband to be long. This allows for “shortening” during braiding and knotting.
  2. Knit one end (not too tightly, you will want to unknot it again)
  3. Tape the knot down or use a safety pin and secure it on your trousers – this helps create a little tension which is easier for younger people to braid
  4. Braid.
  5. When you have reach the desired length (remember T-shirt yarn is stretchy, so it can be a cm or two smaller), unknot the beginning, align beginning and end and re-knot.
  6. Your T-shirt Yarn Hairband is finished.

Variations –  you can knot your T-shirt Yarn Hairband to a piece of elastic (see photo) this gives you extra stretch. You can also add beads to your t-shirt yarn, as you braid… or sew on embellishments to your hairband at the end too.

Happy T-shirt Yarn Accessory making!

Easy T-Shirt Yarn Hairbands. We love DIY accessories for kids, and this fabulous T-shirt yarn craft is quick and easy to make. Love how bright and colourful they look too. T-shirt yarn is so cool and fun to craft with.

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