Easy Toilet Paper Roll Tiki Mask Craft for Kids


We had a Hawaiin Themed Day a couple of weeks ago. As part of that we ate some Hawaiin Food (see below), decorated with Hibiscus Flower garlands and made this fun little Toilet Paper Roll Tiki Masks!

TP Roll Tiki Mask Craft

Hawaiian Day Activities and Makes

  • Flower Garlands
  • Large leaves and Hibiscus Flowers
  • Write Aloha signs
  • Watch the Moana Movie
  • Watch the Lava Song
  • Have a go at Limbo

Our Hawain Food included:

We did also get some Spam.. but forgot to eat it! We will be making a Spam Hawaiin breakast at some time!

To make your TP Roll Tiki Masks, you will need:

Toilet Paper Roll Tiki Mask Craft

Now to our tiki masks! Read all about the Tiki Masks here.

  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Chalk Pens or chalk pastels
  • Black marker pen
  • Print out of Tiki Mask examples (we did a google search and selected some)

How to make your Loo Roll Tiki Mask Decoration

TP Roll Tiki Mask Craft

Tiki Mask Toilet Paper Rolls are really very easy to make! Basically, take a print out of Tiki Mask examples, study the features and look at the ones you like best.

Then taking your chalk pens draw on your TP rolls.

Make some of the key features (e.g. eyes, nose and mouth) pop by giving them a black outline with a black marker pen.

And done.

You can make lots quickly and easily!

What do to with your TP Roll Tiki Mask

  • Line them up
  • Stack them
  • Have a go at Tiki Mask bowling
  • Staple them to some ribbon or string as tiki mask bunting
  • Stuff some tissue paper into the bottom and fill with treats as little Tikie Mask Favour boxes
  • Cut some holes into the eyes and mouth and pop an electric tealight inside to make Tiki Mask lanterns

I hope you enjoyed our “trip” to Hawaii!

We also recently virtually visited Mexico and made some Mini Pinatas:

TP Roll Pinata Frida Kahlo style for Cinco the Mayo