Edible Sparklers

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We have been meaning to make edible sparklers for like FOREVER. They are great for as a bonfire night activity or for New Year’s Eve or for the 4th of July. Any celebration involving fireworks, and your edible sparkler is the obvious treat for kids to make!! There  all sorts of different types too – you can make them from breadsticks dipped in chocolate and then sprinkles, or, much easier, use chocolate covered biscuits (such as the Uk’s Choc Fingers or Matchsticks treats) and turn those into sparkling goodness. I wanted to give ours the added “je ne sais quoi” and tried a batch using Popping Candy. Brilliant. The best bit about using Chocolate Fingers, is that young children can EASILY help you make these too and there is no drippy choclatey mess. I made ours with Pip Squeak who is 3 (4 in a couple of weeks time!)!

Edible Sparklers


Edible Sparklers Ingredients:

Edible Sparklers how to

Chocolate fingers, sprinkles of choice or popping candy, a cup of hot water, baking paper for drying

Edible Sparklers How To

1) First get everything ready, always helps when working with young kids.

How to Make Edible Sparklers

2) Pour some hot water into a cup. Dip your chocolate finger into, it literally a second will do.

Edible Sparklers Idea

3) Then dip into your sprinkles. We had the traditional 100s and 1000s, some cool bronze sprinkles, as well as the popping candy. I will try and find more colourful popping candy next!

4) Place on the baking paper and let dry.


These make a great little hostess gift if you are going to a bonfire night party or a 4th July Party. They can also be a a party activity or a “countdown activity” for New Year’s Eve.

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