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Create your own Monster Game Free Educational Resources

As the days draw shorter and the afternoons darker, we start to spend more time indoors. It is a wonderful time year to spend time together crafting, playing, chatting. So we got together with the lovely people from Learning Resources (a website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids) and have created a fun, creative Monster Game for the Christmas seasons. It isn’t just any old monster game.. but a “Beaker Creatures” game. Based on their fun Beaker Creature characters, you get to make your very own monsters!!

What patterns will your Monsters have? How many arms and legs? Does it get to wear a Santa’s hat… to find out, you will have to play! Come on.. let’s Build Your Own Monster today!

Disclaimer: this post is brought to you in collaboration with  Learning Resources

Benefits of playing the Build a Monster Game

We created this game for preschoolers with some learning and development opportunities in mind:

  • Practice your numbers 1 to 6 – simple math activity
  • Discover and discuss colours
  • Discover and discuss different shapes – simple math activity
  • Practice fine motor skills with drawing, colouring and cutting
  • Encourage your imagination to run while and create new stories and adventures for your monsters
  • A fun activity at home or a classroom Halloween Party or at home for the whole family to enjoy
Build a Monster Game - learn about patterns, colours and numbers with this free Learning Resources Monster Game
Making cute monsters since Nov 2018

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For the DIY Monster Match game you will need:

  • printable,
  • a dice,
  • scissors to cut,
  • glue to add eyes, legs and such to your monster,
  • colouring pens or markers to colour your monster,
  • a pencil to cross/tick off your checklist.

Download your free printable via the Learning Resources website (this is how we are able to bring to you this FREE Halloween Printable resource!).

This is how you play the Build Your Monster Game

There are lots of different parts in this pack to help you create all sorts of silly monsters! That of course is the fun part! And there is not better way to let your kids’ imagination run wild…

  1. First, of course, you need to download the printable!
  2. Place the ‘Monster Map’ and ‘Monster Game Checklist’ in front of you and roll the dice for the first time! On the map you will see that all little monster balloons have a number! The monster with the number same as your dice will be YOUR monster!
  3. Very important thing to do now: Tick off part A on your Checklist!
  4. Roll the dice again and decorate your monster with the pattern that goes with the number your dice shows. Hint: Check the Map – there is a windmill! Get your favorite colours out and turn your monster into a colourful one.
  5. Tick off part B on your list!
  1. Eyes! Your monster needs EYES! So let’s roll the dice again! The number rolled will be the amount of eyes your monster will see with! Choose your favourites! Cut them out and glue onto your monster wherever you like! Tick off part C!
  2. Roll the dice and take a look at the ‘Monster NOSE’ print out to see what number goes with which nose! Cut out and glue on to your monster. Tick off part D!
  3. What is still missing? Yes, we need arms & legs… and maybe some wings?! Roll the dice and learn how many sets of arms/legs/wings your monster has! Cut out and glue on to your monster! Tick off part E!
  4. Monsters want to have fun: so check out the accessories section and add for example a Santa hat or some glasses, a present or Christmas ornament to a monster ear?!
  5. Last but not least, you can choose a name for your monster and write it on to the sign next to the entry door of the factory on the map! You can also add today’s date so you won’t forget when to celebrate your monsters Birthday!!!
Build a Monster Game - learn about patterns, colours and numbers with this free Learning Resources Monster Game
Building your silly monster is a bit like creating your very own Frankenstein’s Monster, which body parts will you get?!

Do you want to see what other little monsters we created?

Build a Monster Game - learn about patterns, colours and numbers with this free Learning Resources Monster Game
Ah what a cute monster!

We love the accessories on this one! What a cool monster with its glasses and earrings!

This monster here got loads of eyes! Watch out!!! It is watching you!!! 🙂

And it looks like as if it really wants to be a unicorn monster during Christmas!

And last but not least we have got this cutie here:

Build a Monster Game - learn about patterns, colours and numbers with this free Learning Resources Monster Game
Can you make a silly monster?!

We love the wings and the crazy eye look, literally speaking!

Did you enjoy this craft and did you make some monsters yourself? Share them with us! Send a picture to us via Facebook or the contact form! We love to see yours, too!!!

I hope you will enjoy this DIY Monster Game as much as we do!!!! Remember the Learning Resources website has lots of fantastic ideas for young children to explore, discover and learn from!

Have a ton of fun with this free Build your Own Monster Game – such a fab free template! Wishing you Happy holidays!