Energy Saving Week

Did you know that it is Energy Saving Week? I know there is always a “week this and a week that”, but as you may know from The Good Life Bloggers I am big into saving energy. Mainly for environmental reasons, but also because it actually saves you money too. Why use something up and pay for it that you don’t need?!

As a parent, I feel I have the responsibility to educate my children about how the world works. What is energy? Where does it come from? What impact does it have on the environment? How do we save energy?

Well… Southern Electric is hosting a Big Energy Week and they have developed a survey to help you understand your energy use more. Check out their Energy Efficieny Survey. I did. And here is what I found:

energy rating

Eeeeeek! We are an “E”… and here I thought I was quite good… Look, at all these  energy saving activities I am doing! (I am so pleased to see most of these on Southern Electric’s Tips page!!):

  • Doing our laundry and dishwasher at night time (see why. here).
  • Not having our TV on standby, always switched off at the mains.
  • Do not leave lights on unnecessary. Use lights that have energy saving bulbs more than the others.
  • I do not use a tumble dryer, as quite frankly that is a total waste of energy, nature and your heating system does it all for you! If I need something dry quickly it goes on the radiator. Otherwise: tough.
  • I fill the kettle to the level that I need (unlike my husband. Tut tut)..
  • I maximise the use of my oven (e.g. I add some jacket potatoes when I have something else in the oven).
  • I have a steam that sits on top of a pan – so I can boil some potatoes and steam some veg at the same time.
  • Use the right size ring on the cooker for my pan.
I try and involve the children in the above as much as possible, explaining why I do things the way I do. And yet, I am still an E. I guess you house and how you loose energy through poor insulation and heating really makes up the bulk of energy used!

Based on the Energy Efficieny Survey Southern Electric advises I do:

  • Item to upgrade: Upgrade heating controls
  • Southern Electric Advice: Programmer, room stat and TRVs, TRV – Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Southern Electric Advice: 50mm equivalent of internal wall insulation

Ah yes, I would love some better heating controls – our main problem in the house is, that downstairs is freezing (poorly insulated extension) and upstairs is baking. Our loft conversion is also poorly insulated. So we tend to keep that room shut and with the heating off. I do wish *someone would come and fix these problems for us*….

But I do like their tips and ideas page, base on these I will start to:

  • Wash my laundry at 30C (will also avoid shrinking some of our things!!!)
  • Start to defrost my fridge regularly to make sure it is working properly (I am so lazy about doing this)
  • Get rid of the spot lights in our kitchen and “conservatory” that we inherited from previous owners. I never liked using them anyway, as I always felt so guilty!
  • Start checking energy efficiency labels when I buy new electrical items.
  • I really do need, radiator valves. I have wanted them for ages. Now is the time to act!
  • Ooooh Souther Energy also have my other favourite topic: water saving tips… go check them out!

Here are more ways that Southern Electric can help you save more energy, protect the environment and help you save some money too:

  • Southern Electric ‘s iPlan tariff is designed to help you save on your day-to-day energy expenses,  with a free smart energy kit – which includes an energy usage display screen that can be linked to an online account to help you plan your energy use to suit you, and track how much money you save.
  • There’s also an Energy Efficiency Survey, which gives your home an energy efficiency rating and provides tips on any improvements that could be made.
  • Finally, Southern Electric  has some handy energy-saving tips – did you know that your TV, DVD and Hi-Fi use energy when not in use? Up to 90% in standby mode!

So… convinced? What are you waiting.. I challenge you to take the Energy Efficieny Survey and to visit the  tips and ideas page to see how you can change your daily routine, be good to environment AND save money!!!

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