Family Heart Project inspired by Jim Dine

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On the 31st Day of our 31 Days of Love series, we have Lana, with a great Great Artist art project! We haven’t done one of these art projects in a while and so need to get back to exploring the great artists ourselves. As the 31 Days of Love series is all about Love, Lana chose Jim Dine as the focus of their Valentine’s Art Project. Gorgeous.

I am thrilled to be sharing here today for the 31 Days of Love Series. My name is Lana and I blog at Smart Tinker. I am a mother to two inquisitive 6 and 7 year olds who keep me and my husband on our toes.For the past few months, I have been preoccupied attending to my cancer treatments and have not blogged much. Healing became the priority but it didn’t stop me from engaging with my children in ways that I know best – through art.

heart inspired art jim dine

What I am sharing today is about using art as a family activity, one that draws participation from each member of the family. I love using visible thinking routines in exploring great art pieces. Visible Thinking Routines are based on the work of Ron Ritchart on Making Thinking Visible. It is a flexible and systematic research-based approach  to cultivate students’ thinking skills and dispositions ( curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, creative mindset), and, on the other, to deepen content learning. Although used primarily in schools, I have been using them in activities that we do at home.

Since it is all about hearts, I decided to introduce the work of Jim Dine for this family art project. Jim Dine is one of the famous American pop artists who produced pop art from everyday life. We used his “Heart” painting as inspiration for this activity.

Jim Dine Art Project Materials:

Jim Dine Art Project Procedure:

jim dine art project

  1. Show the photo of Jim Dine’s artwork to the children.
  2. Ask them to write down what colors they see in the artwork (use this thinking routine download to help you).
  3. Ask them to draw what shape/s they see in the artwork.
  4. Show the print out of Lines from the ABCs of Art booklet. Introduce the different types of lines and then ask them to see which lines they can see in the art work.
  5. Let them draw or write down the names of the lines they see.
  6. Assign a space for each member of the family to draw their heart.
  7. Ask the kids to choose the colors of the textile markers based from the colors that the artist used.
  8. Have them draw their heart with a pencil and then color in with the different markers.
  9. Once finished, trace the outline of the heart with a black marker and ask them to add the lines that they see in the artwork.

Hang your finished family project and enjoy having your own Jim Dine inspired artwork!

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