Father’s Day Cardboard Photo Frame Craft

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As our new Father’s Day activities series continues, we welcome Creative Fun for Kids and their gorgeous Father’s Day Ideas for Preschoolers – making super easy and cute Cardboard Photo Frame collages.

I love the that you can work with any “bits and pieces” from around the home. Exploring textures, colours and shapes, whilst creating a super special Father’s Day Gift that kids can make!Two cheerful cardboard photo frames decorated with tissue paper, pasta and flowers

Cardboard Collage Frames

These cardboard collage frames are the perfect gift for your child to give on Father’s Day. Not only are they easy to make, handmade and from the heart, but they also serve a purpose!

To start making these frames, simply go through your recycling bin and collage materials to see what you have on hand. Cardboard works best for the actual frame. I used two sturdy rectangular pieces of cardboard (one larger than the other) to make my frames.

Carboard Photo Frames – Materials needed:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue
  • collage materials (tissue paper, buttons, dry pasta, gems, felt, etc.)
  • markers or paint sticks (I used Kwik Stix brand)
  • hot glue gun

How to make a collage cardboard photo frame for Father’s Day

Start by cutting a frame shape out of your cardboard, with the inside of the frame being a smaller rectangle shape than the outside, just as you’d see in any typical picture frame (you can also use an X-acto knife if that makes things easier, but of course keep it out of the hands of your children).

If the inside of your frame isn’t perfect, don’t worry – adding collage materials around the frame will disguise any imperfections!

Next, begin decorating your frame with the collage materials. I used painted tissue paper, dyed pasta, felt and gems. Tip: hot glue smaller materials for a stronger hold.

What happens next is truly up to you! You can use these to frame a photograph of your child or someone special to you, a photograph of a special place you and your family like to visit, or frame a colorful piece of artwork that your child made. This can then be hung on the wall or propped up using another piece of cardboard glued to the back.

I plan on making many more of these and using them to display my children’s artwork on my walls! Enjoy!

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