Feature: Motivational Monday & Pink Oddy

A special post to highlight the fabulous PinkOddy and her  “Motivation Monday” linky party!


A weekly linky party, well to motivate you – this can be anything – from trying out a new recipe, to going for a walk in the park with the kids, to try something new, or spend more quality time for “just you” or “the whole family”. Being Red Ted Art… of course my contribution is all about crafting!

I would love to see more and more people get crafty. Above all, I would love to see YOU get more crafty with recycled materials!

Recycled Crafts for All the Family, make crafting thrifty and fun

Reasons for recycled crafts:

  • ENVIRONMENT: Look around you and you will see that there are a LOT of things that you throw away that you could be reusing. Repurposing something is a great way to reduce waste (as it stops you buying something new and stops you throwing something out ).
  • SAVE MONEY: Recycling materials for crafts is also economical – great for those of you planning to try and some money – less money spent on new craft materials and less money spent on buying gifts. A homemade gift can mean so much more than something shop bought.
  • EXPERIMENT: If you are reycling material, you are more likely to be “bold” and have a go at something new/ tricky as there is less worry of “wasting” something. I have 4 squares of lovely batik material that I keep “saving for that very special project” as I paid xx amount for it. However, the old dress and shirt have been used to abundance and I have made much better use o them.

Motivational Monday of course is about everything. What is motivating YOU this week? What are you doing differently or new? Come and join in the blog hop and spread the word! Join the Google Motivation Community too!