Foraging Tips, Tricks and Recipes

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Foraging Ideas

A slightly more unusual topic for us here at Red Ted Art, but one that I LOVE: Foraging – going into the great outdoors with empty buckets and containers.. and coming back with nature’s gifts of blackberries, apples, elderberry and whatever else you can find! Foraging is a wonderful activity to do with kids. Helps the learn about their environment, the seasons and nature. As well appreciate “what we have” and “waste not want not”. Clearly, foraging will vary depending on what country you are in. This video shared is for people in the UK and other parts of Europe. The principles of forgaing apply and many recipes will also be suitable for other foraged fruit. Blackberries here in the UK, will be Blueberries in Canada or Cherries in Austria (actually, you probably find blackberries pretty much everywhere???). Anyway. The video below is quite long at 30min.. I encourage you to turn it on and whilst you potter in the kitchen or complete some chore like the ironing listen to us natter way. See what you can pick up. I know I will be making some nut crunch this weekend for sure!!!!

Foraging tips and recipe ideas include:

Jams, Foragers cake,  drying Rose hips and Meadowsweet for tea,  fruit beena, Elderberry cough syrup (I am impressed!!),  Elderflower cordial, Apple cider vinegar (love that you use the “left overs” from a peeled apple), Lavender ice cream,  Blackberry cordial,  Cobnut brittle,  Blackberry jelly, Pear cake and freezing fruit.

Foraging Tips and Tricks

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