Get Crafty – July 2010 – Made by Man!

Hello! Welcome back to Get Crafty! This month’s theme was “Made By Man” (aka ManMade Get Crafty)! As always, my interpretation was the loosest possible sense:  from robots, to cars, to rockets, to cardboard kitchens and dolls houses, to toddler handbags, to puppets. You have all surprised me by how imaginative and beautiful ManMade can really be!

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Next Get Crafty challenge is “Summer” – from sunflowers, to butterflies, to garden dens, to roasted marshmallows, to fruit, to veg, to sunhats, to flip flops, to tshirts…. – your imagination once again is the limit!!!!
Submissions via the comments on this post by Friday 30 July 2010.

 Get Crafty with Children

Rockets & Aliens

I know I said rockets, but I didn’t quite expect an awesome rocket like this one! And it even comes with Aliens. Be ambitions with your rocket building and check out se7en and all their craftiness! Your kids will love making and playing with this!



Egg Carton Boat

You may recognise this Egg Carton Boat from my “Gallery-Motherhood” post or you may have seen it over at The Madhouse, where I did a Guest Post on how we made it! Hope you like 🙂



Cardboard City

Zoe always has wonderfully imaginative and playful craft projects over Playing by the Book. Her girls look like they have so much fun crafting and subsequently playing with their finished work. Brilliant. This time, they made this geat cardboard box city – lots of lovely painting – followed by lots of lovely playing. The city is simple to make and yet so effective. Go over and have a look – you will also see what fab little book inspired this project!



Egg Carton Wind Chimes

You guys should know by now that I love anything made out egg cartons (see boat above or Dragon in Red Get Crafty) or loo rolls (see Giraffe Marionettes or Red Baron Airplane), so when I saw these windchimes at Dalle Un Colinho, they HAD TO GO INTO ManMade Get Crafty!



Nesting Dispenser

Meninheira (Dalle un Colinho) also sent us this CUTE nesting dispenser – I like the idea of something ManMade helping nature… and how sweet to use brown wool to match the bird’s nest!




Night & Day City Skylines

Cities are perfect for ManMade Get Crafty. And I love the fact that here we have some back to basics PAINTING. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with all the “making stuff”, when painting and drawing in itself are awesome activities and great for children to take part in! I love the process that The Artist Woman took the kids through, making fun day and nighttime backgrounds (need to do some spray painting with Red Ted, me thinks!). Hop over, take a look. Get Crafty!


Planes & Flying Saucers

One of our very first “Story + Art” posts – Red Ted and I made a Red Plane and a Flying Saucers! We had such fun that Wednesday craft was born!




Photo Frame

This gorgeous little frame was actually intended for Nature Get Crafty, but it was  a little late. However, I strongly feel that a photo frame IS something “Man Made” too, so phew, we can add it in! It was made by my old flat mate E & her little girl G – and it only cost them 50p! Go E&G! look forward to more Get Crafties from your house! x



Fridge Frames

If you like my simple Paper Frames, you will LOVE these fridge frames from Jude at Artful Kids. They are wonderfully effective. Display one your kids drawings or paintings in it and you truly have a piece of art!

fridge frames



Wooden Spoon Theatre

The Frugal Family came up trumps when their sock puppets failed, all was not lost and spoon puppets were invented! Followed by a live theatre performance. Brilliant. I say, who needs the Oscars when you have The Frugal Family theatre?!



Double Decker Bus

What would ManMade Get Crafty be without a Double Decker bus? Cathy and her girls at the Nurture Store oblige with this brilliant double decker bus. I love it that their toys fit perfectly and that they made it after a ride on a real double decker (and look at that very orderly queue)! More wonderful childhood memories!




Get Crafty for Children (or with older children)

Cloth books

Oh my, when I saw these, I was simply in awe! What a LABOUR OF LOVE! Emily over at Naptime Creations, made these gorgeous gorgeous clothbooks! So many details and so many ideas. Love this! I was given a book similar to this and we love it. How special would it be if you MADE one. Or you made one for you grandchild/ godchild. Simply beautiful. There were so many pages to choose from for the little photo, it was really hard – I picked a little road (ManMade after all!) that you can play with toy cards on, but you simple have to go and take a look yourself to get the full effect of all the pages!!

Dolls House

I love this dolls house that Sandrine made – I love that it was (yet another) labour of love. I love that it is made out  of everyday things. I love that it has so much detail. And I love that it is loved!!! This is what all home made dolls house should be like and they are most definitely what define childhood memories. Lovely. Lovely. Sigh.




Sorry what? Dorodango? Yes, Dorodango! This strange and mysterious shape comes alway the way from Japan. Marvelously Messy explains: “Dorodango are polished spheres, formed out of mud and the skill of your hands. They are a traditional past time of children in Japan. They are an exercise in patience and a great tool for meditation. The translation of the phrase Dorodango is doro: mud and dango: a type of round rice flour dumpling.” What an amazing and random bit of crafting.. I can imagine some older boys gettin into this!


Elmo Hat

Oh how cute and fun is the Elmo Hat! Michelle at Girl in Air shows us how! She is a beginner crocheter and yet still produce this stunning hat and YOU CAN TOO! Head over and be inspired!




Key Chains

I love these Key Chains from Thoughts and Ideas. They look simple and stylish and are a good “Man Gift” (these particular ones are for father’s day, but surely, they will do for birthdays or christmas too). Lovely little tutorial. Only “but” is that you need the “stamping kit”… but you sometimes get to use these are “craft activity stores/ sessions” – so if you are near one, keep an eye out for what tools they have!


Get Crafty for Adults (or older Children)

Tic Tac Toe

As father’s day was upon us in June, there was lots of “Manly” crafting going. I just ADORE this Tic Tac Toe that Leane at Organize Your Stuff Now made. The stones are so simple and yet so effective. I can really imagine how lovelty they are to hold whilst you are playing. A nice weight to them and a nice round feel. Perfect!



Old Boot Flower Pot

I just LOVE this old boot flower pot – it looks such fun and is such a great way to recycle an old boot! Go hope over and see what Amy at Keeping up with the Schulz Family did! I love discovering new blogs and this is a new one to me!



Coasters with a difference

I thought these photo coasters were pretty good. Then I look at the tutorial more closely and realised, that these coasters are BRILLIANT!  Learning how to make coasters is amazing, but what I loved was the detail: Emily didn’t just use lovely photos of her children, but she photographed them holding letters – so when you put the coasters all together they spell “Grandad”. How wonderfully detailed is that? One day, we will do the same!


Polka Dot Clock

I do love the simplicity of this clock. And it is so easy to make. What else can I Say, save for head over to Craftify It and check it out!




Crochet edged pillow cases

Snaffles Mummy shows us her fantastic pillow cases! She made the whole lot -from pillow case to crocheted edge and links through to some excellent instructions.  Didn’t she do a great job! I bet it feel lovely to climb into that bed. Fabulous and perfect for ManMade Get Crafty!

Spinning Yarn

Spinning Yarn

Spinning Yarn

Ever wondered how to make Yarn/ Wool? The lovely and ever so creative Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts shows us how!! Take a peak.



Get Crafty – Oooooh

English Breakfast Face

When @dizzydanni84 posted this photo on Twitter, I knew it had to go into ManMade Get Crafty – afterall we have had a number of Kitchen Craftiness posts and I thought this one was so simple and yet so wonderful! I know the photo is blurry, but that is beside the point. The point is, that this was done in an inpromptu creative moment which was wonderfully fun and what childhood is all about! Go Danni!


Ice Cream Cupcakes

If you are planning to have the summer party of the year (and making your very own Pinata), do also check these fabulously fun “cupcake icecream cones“, by Allison at House of Hepworths. Aren’t these simply brilliant? The most orginal cupcake I have seen in a while!

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