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Today, I have a very special GIFT WRAP post for you. This is a post sponsored by Sellotape who have challenged me on behalf of the wonderful Honeypot charity to wrap some very special presents this Christmas. The Honeypot Children’s Charity is the only charity in the UK who provide consistent respite support for young carers. Young carers are children who help look after their poorly parents and are aged between 5 and 12.

Christmas should be a magical time of the year for all children, regardless of the circumstances they face at home.

This Christmas Sellotape is donating festive gifts for vulnerable children and young carers at The Honeypot Children’s Charity. I have been asked to gift wrap 2 gifts for 2 of these very special children. Helping Sellotape give back to the children who give so much. Let’s Share the Magic of Giving…!

I have to confess.. it was a challenge and a half, as I kept thinking of these young carers… and how different THEIR Christmases look compared to that of my children. I really wanted to do a GREAT job of their gifts, without over doing it and pondered for ages how to best approach it. In the end, I decided that “less is more”.. take a peek at how I wrapped their gifts!

Oh and watch out for special Sellotape Packs featuring The Honeypot Children’s Charity!

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What do you think?

Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas - Share the Magic of Giving

The Great Wrapping Challenge – Gifts & Materials!

Gift Wrapping for Charity - Share the Magic of Giving

I was sent two gifts for children to wrap – a BLINGLES “art kit” and a Playdough Set. Plus a whole bunch of fabulous gift wrapping supplies. I picked out my favourite supplies for the task at hand – I wanted something lightly more “sophisticated” for the Blingles kit, as I imagined the receiver to be a little older and wanting something more “grown up”. Whilst for the Playdough Set, I decided to wrap in a way that my daughter (aged 6yrs) would appreciate.

BOTH gifts are slightly awkward shapes (ha! This is indeed a challenge!). So hopefully my final gift wrap ideas, will help you with your awkward shape wrapping challenges.

Gift Wrap 1 – Washi Tape and Paper Bows

Paper Bows is something that I wrote about in the Summer and that I am currently a little bit obsessed about! As to the washi tape.. well.. I simply ADORE pretty coloured tape and didn’t know that sellotape had it’s own pretty tape on the market, so I REALLY wanted to use it! What is even better Sellotape’s festive tape (affiliate link) fits into it’s handy “On-Hand” dispensers, great for wrapping!

Gift Wrapping - Share the Magic of Giving

The Blingles Box was an awkward shape – it turns in at the top and also isn’t a consistent depth. My approach? Pretend that it IS a perfect shape and create a corner that isn’t there.  Also, I decided to go for a “no tape” look – my using the Sellotape double sided tape! Hurrah. (You can see the white strips in the picture, where I applied the double sided tape, to stick the paper down “invisibly”).


I then turned my “perfect box” round and started decorating with the pretty Festive Refill tape (affiliate links). There are 2 Christmas Patterns (Trees and Snowflakes) and one heart pattern from the “with Love” series.

So so sooo pretty. Time for a Paper Bow!

How to Make a Kirigami Paper Bow:

Make your paper bow as per the video instructions – please note, it is MUCH harder to make these paper bows with wrapping paper – as wrapping paper is very thin and the creases often turn white. So PLEASE practice the paper bow with plain white paper first to make it easier for you!!!


Finally.. my paper bow is finished (isn’t it pretty?!) and again I used the Sellotape double sided tape to secure it in place. Lovely.

On to present two:

Awkward Shape Gift Wrap:

Wrapping Awkward Shapes - Share the Magic of Giving

 I opened up some pretty Christmas paper and placed the playdough into the dead center. Then I pulled up the “shorter sides” and taped them in place (the Hands On dispenser comes in handy at this point.

Then lift the long sides up.

Tuck in the sides.

Scrunch and add a ribbon!

Wrapping Awkward Shapes for Charity - Share the Magic of Giving

Then we got some of the cute decorations (my daughter ADORES this Reindeer Pug!!) and attached with string and additional double sided tape.

Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas - Share the Magic of Giving

What do you think? Will these gifts look pretty on Christmas Day?!

Please visit Sellotape for more product information and The Honeypot Children’s Charity to find out more about this wonderful Magic of Giving project!

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