Gifts Kids Can Make: Decorated Candles

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I have been making our recycled advent candles again recently (in essence following the same process as for our Easter Eggs Candles but with a “normal” mold). Red Ted asked if he could draw some numbers on our candles (1 through to 4 for the 4 Advent Sundays) which made me think – why not draw on the candles? I love how these are a great gifts kids can make – be it for Christmas, be it as a gift to teacher or even for Mother’s Day or a gift on Valentines! More Than a Momma actually came up with a very clever “transfer” idea – when I first saw the post, I thought she had used a special kit, but no! It is super clever. Check it out. But in the meantime we found that permanent markers worked too.

Gift ideas for Kids - super easy and thrifty upcycled candles and decorated by the kids. These make AWESOME practical teacher's presents too!


  • plain candles (we made these from last year’s candle left overs),
  • marker pens (we actually found that Stabilo and BIC worked better than Sharpies in this instance!) 

With the Sharpies it helped if we scribbled on paper in between drawing – to help get the ink flowing if that makes sense. I would do that with all the pens you used at the end to make sure they are still working properly!

UPDATE: if you have Posca Pens, these should work really well!

How to make your DIY decorated candles

1) Make your candles

Gifts That Kids Can Make

2) Design a pattern.

Gift Ideas for Kids - Candles

3) Get drawing!

Art Candles for Kids to make

I love that Red Ted wanted to make his as a gift for teacher! So sweet of him.

Art Candles - Gifts for Kids to Make

Pip Squeak’s Flowers would be great for a Mother’s Day Gift?

DIY Candles

And why not do hearts for a Valentine’s Day Gift?!

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