Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids: Fun Projects for February 2nd

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We are so ready for winter to be over and for an early spring! But what will be it be? 6 more weeks of winter? Or is the sunshine heading our way? We will find out on February 2nd with Groundhog Day Phil! To celebrate, we have some super fun Groundhog Day Activities for you today! Super cute groundhog craft ideas that the kids will love, a great way to learn all about this fun Groundhog Day tradition! Check out our fun activities..

Collection of Groundhog Day Activities
So many fun activities for groundhog day

A little background to Groundhog Day

Let’s explore the history of groundhog day briefly! A little bit of winter fun for all the family.

What is Groundhog Day?

This is the groundhog story for children (well and superstitious adults, I guess).. every year, since 1887, when Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania (United States) first started its weather predictions for winter and spring “using” a groundhog. The famous, ever living groundhog Phil, pops up out of the groundhog rock or burrow on February 2nd. If he can see his shadow, he is frightened away, so that he dives back into his burrow and winter is set to stay another 6 weeks! If there is no shadow, then there will be an early spring!

Learn more about the “punxsutawney Phil” Legend here.

Why is Groundhog Day on February 2nd?

This is the first time in record that this weather prediction day was celebrated Punxsutawney. It is the time of year, that many get a little antsy about the long winter months and really want to know how many weeks of winter are left before spring!

What does it mean if the Groundhog does not see his shadow on February 2nd?

If Groundhog Phil can NOT see his shadow, it means there will be an early spring! So let’s hope that February 2nd brings a cloudy day!

Onwards to our… to these fun February crafts for kids!

Easy Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Finally… it is time to grab those glue sticks, your scissors, paper and markers.. and explore our fabulous and cute groundhog day crafts for kids. Hopefully, you will find that there is something for everyone! From some ridiculously cute recipes, that look too cute to eat, to super simple paper plate crafts! I think the Groundhog Day Paper Plate craft is probably one of the most popular! As per usual.. no purchases necessary.. work with the resources you have to hand and explore our fun ideas!

Toilet Paper Roll Groundhog Craft

groundhog day puppets

Let’s kick things off, with one of our own FAVOURITE Craft materials… the oh so humble Toilet Paper Roll. We had two ideas for this Groudhog Day Craft.. and could decide on which.. so we made both. A Yarn Wrapped Ground Hog and a paper cutting skills Toilet Paper Roll Groundhog! Both are great for preschoolers and toddlers alike. But which is the REAL PHIL, I wonder!?

Footprint Groundhog Craft for Preschoolers and Toddlers

footprint groundhog

Combine footprints and handprints with such a cute little poem as Educators Spin on it did on this Groundhog craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Simply adorable. Love how the green hands are the groundhog’s burrow! So fun to make these groundhog prints with your own hands and feet!

Paper Plate Groundhog Craft for Preschoolers

paper plate groundhogs
Adorable Paper Plate Groundhog Craft

There are lots of paper plate tutorials showing you how to make a groundhog paper plates craft. So it took me a while to bick my favourite one. They are all fabulous. But if you do make just the one Grounghog Day paper plate craft, do give this one a go!

Groundhog Day Finger Puppet

groundhog finger puppet
An easy peasy groundhog finger puppet!

I love the how simple and easy this Groundhog Finger Puppet by Housing a Forest is to make. You only need a little brown construction paper or card to make these cuties! I reckon you can take the design of this little cute groundhog, add it to a long strip of brown paper and turn it into groundhog day headbands too.. what do you think?!

Groundhog puppets for kindergarten & preschool

Groundhog Puppets
Love that this little Groundhog puppet pops up!

Super cute pop up Groundhog Puppets by The Joys of Boys. An adorable activity for pretend play and reenacting the Groundhog Day Story. The googly eyes give it so much character and the brown pom poms look so wonderfully squishy! Such a fun idea for younger kids AND older kids, I reckon! What a fun craft.

Paper Bag Groundhog Craft

paper bag groundhog

Take a brown paper lunch bag, some brown construction paper and doilies to make this adorable Inner Child Fun project! Make the groundhog body using the brown paper bag and then add the adorable groundhog’s heart shaped face!

Groundhog Day Mask for Kids

groundhog day masks

The adorable groundhog day crafts collection, wouldn’t be the same without I Heart Crafty Things adorable Groundhog Day Masks. Love how the groundhog’s face is made up from a paper heart! So cute.

Groundhog Spoon Craft

groundhog spoon pop up

Made by Mollies Mom has a super cute Groundhog Spoon Craft puppet. Love all the “interactive” popping up and down groundhogs. Be sure to use a recycled wooden spoon for this craft… and not a new plastic one.. to make it more enviornmentally friendly!

Mini Pom Pom Groundhog Craft you can play with

Still Playing School shares this adorable little Mini Pom Pom Groundhog Puppet that you can move in and out of his egg carton burrow! Such a fun project that kids will love to make. This one always makes me giggle, so fun! That little burrow is too cute.

Simple Paper Groundhog Day Craft

flip this groundhog
Interactive Groundhog Day Craft

Grab your scissors, construcion paper and crayons and make this clever little interactive Groundhog Day Craft by Almost Unschoolers, there are two sides to this groundhog craft – one with a cloudy day and one with an outline of the shadow… so, will the Groundhog cast a shadow or not? How many weeks of winter weather are heading our way? A fun little interactive craft to compliment any lessons looking at Groundhog day! Grab the free printable template and have a go!

Cupcake Liner Groundhog Day Craft

paper groundhog day craft

This is a nice simple groundhog’s day project – Take some cupcake liners, consturction paper and white paper to make this cte Groundhog for Groundhog Day by I Heart Crafty Things. Cutting out details such as the cupcake sun with scissors is great for fine motor skills.

Groundhog Day Shape Crafts

Or try this fun groundhog day shape craft!

Groundhog Day inspired snacks and treats

Groundhog Cupcakes

groundhog day cupcake

Oh my what a treat! How cute are these adorable Groundhog Day Cupakes by Bakerella?

Groundhog Day Donuts

Party Pinching shares these oh so fun Groundhog Day Donuts – no instructions though – just the inspiration! But that looks like a chocolate Nutter Butter Groundhog to me – decorated with some edible eyes nad heart sprinkles! Or try Rumbly Tumbly’s version!

Groundhog Hot Dogs meal for Kids

groundhog day frankfurter

Oh and when you thought you had seen it all.. about this cutest of cute Groundhog Hot Dog by She Knows?

That is it for our collection of Groundhog Day Activities for Kids! I hope you feel inspired to make one of these super cute and easy crafts!

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