Handprint Alphabet – L is for Ladybird

Today we came back to a v simple but rather lovely handprint craft: the ladybird!! Pip Squeak was delighted. Red Ted, ahem, liked the red bit.. he actually wanted a lion. But we did a lion some moons ago, so, this mummy, fancied something different. Do take a peak though at our handprint lion!!!

ladybird handprint craft

handprint crafts

This one really is easy – paint your hand red and… print!

ladybug craft


Red Ted’s ladybirds with clear instructions of “Yes, Mummy I can count the legs myself!”. The children fingerpainted spots and the head. And used a black pen for the legs and line across the back.

ladybug handprints

ladybug handprints

Pip Squeal’s ladybird handprint!

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