Handprint Alphabet – N for Narwhal

Now N was prooving a little bit of a challenge, what or what should we make? Many Ns are a little obscure – Nene or Nyala. Others are just a bit too plain – Nightingale or Newt – would just be mistaken for the simpler relative (bird or lizard). And then someone (or many) said to me “how about a Narwhal, that is the unicorns of the sea, you know?! How how could I resist THAT! The unicorn of the see indeed. Wonderful! (we were  —> this close <— to cheating and doing a Nemo). So a Narwhal it was!

handprint craft N

Key characteristics: a longish whale with a long point nose, a contrast under belly and some have spots….

handprint alphabet

We left the thumb paint free. And mixed the light blue under belly a little into the rest of the body. handprint alphabet handprint crafts

Red Ted added a blue fin, a long swordfish like nose, spots and eyes. Oh and another mouth and nose!

handprint alphabet

And aaah Pip Squeak’s… is just wonderful as always!

Happy Handprint N!!!

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