Handprint Alphabet – Z for… Zebra


Oh my, we are at the Handprint Alphabet end already. Wow. The weeks have flown by. And to round it all off… we have a classic Z for Zebra!! Well, I do think Zebras are LOVELY so, I do hope this isn’t a disappointment for you… afterall we have had some pretty unusual animals in our alphabet!!! Check out the Cheeky Handprint G or Handprint N or even Handprint Q, to highlight but a few!

Over to our Zebra though:

preschoolers alphabet crafts

What do you think? A cutie, no?

preschoolers alphabet crafts

Once again, a hand, spread wide!

preschoolers alphabet crafts

preschoolers alphabet crafts

Print, let dry and add some detail! We went for a yellow background for the “Tundra environment” that Zebra live in.. with some felt bushes for it to graze on!

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We certainly had fun with this series! Have you?

Why not spell your child’s name in “Handprint Letters” and pin them on your wall?