Handprint Animals: A Complete Alphabet A-Z


Finally, we completed our Animal Handptint A-Z – it only took 26 weeks of one handprint animal per week.

I think I can say the kids LOVED it and it gave us a regular crafty focus each week. So fun. This goes really well with our collection of Toilet Paper Roll Animal A-Z too!

We first shared this Alphabet in Oct 2012! When my kids were still very little. Awww.

Handprint Animal ABC

Well, it has been a fun 26 weeks! I cannot believe that we embarked on a Handprint Alphabet over 26 weeks ago (that is 6 months ago?! Wow). And what an alphabet journey it has been!

We started off with an innocent A for Alien.. then a B for Bee.. and suddenly we were on a Handprint Animals journey.

We never set out to do “all animals”. But Red Ted Really got “into” animals and so animals it was (though alien may be a little cheat). It has been great fun.

I thought it would be nice to bring all the handprint animals together visually in one place. Much easier for you (and us) to browse and have a go.

How best to use this Handprint Animal A-Z

You most probably do not want to do ALL the handprint animals (it did take us 6 months!!!), but maybe you would like to do your child’s name in handprint letters? Wouldn’t that look nice on a canvas? They would look lovely in a child’s room or as a presents for Granny and Grandpa?

And here they are… all together for you to browse! I hope you like them!

Just click on the images for our step by step process as well as larger photos!

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So.. that is it from us!! I do hope you enjoyed the Handprint Animals as much as we did. We had such fun coming up with a new one each week. An it has been a great way for us to reinforce the alphabet with my preschooler!

We now have a new T is for Tiger:
Handprint Tiger art projects for preschoolers

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