Happy 1st Advent!

1st advent celebrations

Happy 1st Advent everyone!

Not many people realise that already in late November Christmas preparations begin on the 1st Advent, celebrated on the 4 sundays preceding Christmas. In Austria you light a candle on each on these 4 sundays on an advent wreath. I wasn’t able to get hold of one (or make one) in time this year, so we lined up or candles on the mantle piece and decorated with some pine cones and dried orange slices.

The children get to eat some traditional Christmas Cookies (though many families wait until Christmas before they get these! I like to incorporate it with our Advent Sunday traditions), we play lots of games and listen to Christmas music. Lovely.

christmas hamper

This year… I also got a treat! The super duper kind people at Interflora sent me one of the delicious Christmas Hampers! I felt like Father Christmas had come early.. as I unpacked goodie after goodie after goodie, the children’s eyes just got wider and wider and wider and my tummy began to rumble in anticipation.  I could list all the items in the hamper, but to be honest Interflora does this much much better. I received the Seasons Greetings Hamper, check out what is in it.

It really did feel like a rather special treat. And it is the sort of treat I don’t often get. If you send this someone as a gift, I know (!) they will feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

I liked how it seem to have a little bit of something for everyone – of course lots of gorgeous biscuits and seasonal cakes, but am rather looking forward to the Tomato, Basil & mozzarella crisps (they are mine.. all mine…). And the kids can’t wait to have some jelly  beans. The special strawberry jam will be great for my festive biscuit baking and we are looking forward to having some of the nuts on St Nikolaus Day (6th December).

I love the whicker basket the goodies come in and can already see it stacked with either books (which ones, craft books or the kids books?) or maybe I will make it into my wool basket. Decisions decisions.

I know this doesn’t matter to everyone, but as a bit of a recycler I was relieved to see that the packing peanuts (which I was at first horrified about) are bio degradable (phew) and ahem, I already have a crafty project in mind for the smart black cardboard box it arrived in. Yes, packaging IS important!!!

Oh and finally, they do a great next day delivery. What more can you ask for?

The question is, can I make The Englishman give me one every year as 1st Advent Christmas tradition???

If you are looking for more gifts for her do stop by at Interflora! Lots of ideas for you!


PS A few hours later: Oh my word, I am in treat heaven.. The Englishman and I just started tucking in and all I can say is yum yum yum. Nom nom nom. And get me our of here before my clothes stop fitting…..