How to make a Relaxation Jar

I am super chuffed to welcome my friend and Author, Becky to the blog today. She shares a gorgeous How to make a Relaxation Jar Tutorial with you today!

create your own happy

This is an extract from Create Your own Calm – an activity book for 6-12 years olds written by Becky Goddard-Hill and published this week by Harper Collins.

It has contains 50 activities, all backed by science, to support kids with their big feelings and develop ways they can help themselves to feel calmer

Create a Relaxation Jar

“Act the way that you want to feel.” — Gretchen Rubin (Happiness guru, writer and podcaster) 

Taking time to relax is a brilliant way to help your mind and body switch off from pressures you might feel from home, school or friends

Doing something to help yourself feel better (even when you don’t feel like it)  will give you back a sense of control.

Relaxation Jar Ideas

The science bit 

Scientists believe relaxation should be at the top of everyones to do list. They say it reduces wear and tear on the mind and the body in so many ways.

They found that when you relax, the flow of blood increases around your body giving you more energy. It also helps you to have a calmer and clearer mind which helps you think more positively and decide things more easily.

There are many physical, creative, social things you can do that will help you relax.

You could: 

  • Have a warm bath
  • Listen to some mellow music
  • Write about a beautiful memory
  • Plant your feet in the grass and have a good stretch
  • Do some gardening
  • Do some baking
  • Chat to someone you know loves you 
  • Do some deep breathing
  • Play a board game
  • Watch a movie
  • Go swimming
  • Take a walk
  • Do some crafting
  • Read
  • Have a banana!
  • Fly a kite

I am sure you can come up with some brilliant ideas of you own too.

It can be really tricky to think of ways to relax when you aren’t FEELING very relaxed.  Feeling tense impacts our ability to take action and make choices.That’s why we need to make this list of relaxation options BEFORE we feel all tense – so let’s have a go at doing this, by creating a relaxation jar.

Activity – Make a relaxation jar 

Take all the ideas you have listed above and write them on blank lollipop sticks or small bits of coloured paper that you then fold into squares.

Decorate a jar with glass pens or stickers or a label saying ‘relax’ and pop your ideas inside.

When you feel tense and just don’t know what to do with yourself grab an idea at random from your jar and just ‘do it.’ You won’t have to think about it, or make choices – you will simply be presented with an activity to help you relax. 

Create your own calm …by regularly taking time to relax

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