How to.. make felt donuts! More felt food!

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I am on a mission to make a whole grocery bag full of Felt Food for Pip Squeak’s 1st Birthday – so far I have one Gingerbread Man, 8 gorgeous Strawberries and 3 donuts (or doughnuts, depending from which side of the pond you are visiting)! I am yet to make some Cream!!! Here I will show you How To Make Felt Donuts – 2 with sprinkles and 1 with icing.

felt food how to

The basic donut is always the same, the only thing that differs, is the decor! I am also pretty certain you can follow my steps below and use a sewing machine, I chose to hand sew!

Here we go:

felt donuts

Materials: 2 circles of donut colour (cream or brown), 1 circle of icing (blue, pink, brown), thread to match circles of felt, beads or embroidery thread for sprinkles, extra thin strips of felt for icing donut, stuffing (I used plastic shopping bags), stencil of sort – cut out of card, or I used a lid slightly smaller than a CD and the thread bobbin

Step 1) Cut out three circles the same size. Cut out three holes in the centre. I used once a tupperware lid for the circle and a thread bobbin for the centre. Make sure centres are aligned. You may find it easier to make a card stencil first to make sure they all match perfectly

Step 2) Fold single colour (i.e. icing) into a quarter and cut a wiggle line. Open, trim a little if needed, but don’t cut away too much.

Step 3) For sprinkles sew on beads/ “nuts” first,then attach the icing onto one of the donut pieces (cream felt) with a running stitch. For the Choc& Nuts: Do French Knots – shown how to here. I LOVE the French Knot Donut the most as it is VERY tactile and safe for my one year old (better than the beads, which are dangerous, she will not be allowed it at first). For the swirly icing, I found it easier to sew on the pink first and then add the swhirly bit: A very thing strip of felt sew on with a running stitch. The felt may break, so be very gentle.

felt donuts

Step 4) Put the right sides together. I found it helpful to use pins to hold the central hole into place – avoiding any skewing/ misalignment. Sew all around the edge, leaving a 1-2inch gap

Step 5) Turn right side out

Step 6) Sew centre, I used a blanket stitch, but I am sure any stitch will do

Step 7) Stuff

Step 8- Sew gap shut. Again, I used a blanket stitch

Like I said, my favourite is the “Choc & Nut” Donut, as the French Knots are very tactile and safe for 1yrs olds!

felt donuts

Enjoy playing!