Easy Flower Crowns for Kids – only nature needed


Learn how to make Flower Crowns! A lovely and easy nature craft for children – a perfect idea for Forest Schools or a day at the park. Spring in the air, there is nothing better than a “crafting” with flowers. 

This is a wonderful craft to do, when you are out for a walk or at the playground or sitting in a park… grab those dandelion “weeds”, maybe some daisies and make them into something beautiful.

You may find them tricky at first (as with anything new), but they are really easy! You can make them for your kids at first, but it also makes a great fine motor skills and pattern following activity for little ones. Lots of learning opportunities, combined of course with the sensory imput of handling dandelions.

I do however recommend, that you discourage the kids from rubbing the dandelions all over their faces – my son did this and then had a mild allergic reaction (he has a skin sensitivities anyway)! Ha. He was fine of course, but hasn’t rubbed a dandelion all over his face since. Now he just picks them!

How to make Dandelion Flower Crowns

We were lucky that a good friend from Sweden was visiting and she showed us how! Sweden has a long history of gorgeous nature crafts and these dandelion flower crowns are a great example. You can of course make it using all sorts of plants and flowers. Just be mindful of not depleting your local environment of natural plants!

Let’s get started!

Place 2nd flower UNDER the 1st flower.

Twist stem over

Tuck it behind the 2nd flower.

Place 3rd flower under the first two flowers

Twist stem over…

Try and get the flower heads as close to the stem and together as possible. You can pinch off any of the remaining stems if it gets too bulky.

Interweave other wild/ weed flowers for more colours and prettiness. Done!

These flower crowns are PERFECT for Spring! We also have an Autumn version – Leaf Crowns – again, only nature needed:

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