How to… Make Lavender Bath Sachets


Oooh this is so simple and yet soooo satisfying – lavender bath sachets. I have TONS of lavender all over the house, that I cannot keep up with making lavender wands and lavender bags. So, I decided to make some of these lavender sachets as a simple (but oh so lovely) gift to a friend!

lavender craft ideas

Materials: an old, but pretty/ simple jar, a little cotton bag, lots of lavender, a label

1) Make sure your lavender is fully dried – I do so, by either hanging it upside down to dry, or putting it loosely into a paper bag. 4-5 weeks later it is usually done. Just check for dampness. You can then either remove all the stalks or decide to leave them on. It doesn’t matter too much. I decided to remove them.

2) Sew a little cotton bag – or use on that you may have lying around – be sure the colours don’t run. I think approx 8cm x 12 cm dimensions is good. I made this one in less than 5 minutes and stitches some little hearts on with a slip stitch.

3) Make your label or little tag with the following instructions (I did a little tag, as I like to be able to see the lavender):

Lavender Bath Sachets

Fill your little cotton bag to brim with lavender. It needs to be nice and full.

Hang the bag under the tap and run a hot bath.

Give the little bag a good squeeze (like squeezing out a tea bag) 3-4 times and place back under the tap.

Lay back in your bath and RELAX.

Once finished, empty out your  bag, wash it and let dry. Then refill it with fresh lavender the next time.

This jar contains enough lavender for 3-5 baths.



Why not make some Crochet Bath Scrubbies to go with it?

 It is important that you give your sachet a good squeeze – you know when you make a cup of tea and squeeze that and all the tea flavour pours out? Well.. it is just like that! Each bag should have approx 1/4 – 1/2 a cup of lavender in it.

Enjoy your lavender treat!

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