How to Make Paper Straws

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We love recycling and we love  Newspaper Crafts for Kids! It is great for the environment.. inexpensive and can be lots and lots of fun. One material that we particularly like are newspapers – Newspaper DIYs and Toilet Paper Roll Crafts really are great mediums to work with kids. Especially if working in large materials when

We used these DIY Paper Straws to make some lovely Newspaper Christmas Tree Ornaments/ Cards.

How to Make Paper Straws - make your own straws for crafting this season. Great for the environment, inexpensive and lots of fun! Love upcycled Newspaper DIYs. #newspapers #newspapercrafts #upcycling #recycling #paperstraws #howto #howtomake  #kidscrafts101
Making paper straws since Nov 2017

How to make Paper Straws DIY – Materials needed

  • Newspaper – not actually that much! Each sheet of a small newspaper acn easily make 10 paper straws
  • Paint or marker pens
  • Scissors
  • A little glue
  • A knitting needle or cake pop stick

How to make Paper Straws DIY – Materials needed

Watch our handy DIY video on Auto Play or follow the step by step instructions below!

How to make Paper Straws Step by Step Instructions

Begin by making strips of paint – of course you could use a paint brush.. ahem, I was being a little lazy. You can use thick marker pens too!

Let dry fully.

Cut out strips – leave a small white edge running along the edge of the paint, this will help create the stripes when rolling later. And make the paper about 4-5 cm wide.

We cut the long strips in half. So that we had roughly 5cm x 15cm strips. It is NOT an exact science and you can use the full length strip to make a longer stripey paper straw.

Take your knitting needle or skewer – you can probably also use a drinking straw. And curl one end of the paper around it – at an angle (see image).

Keep rolling..

When you get to the end secure with a little glue.

Now remember – depending on what you plan to make with these Paper Straws – ie if you need to cut them down in length at all.. you will need to add glue along the whole strip of paper. Either whilst curling it up or you can also add a layer of glue to the outside at the end and balance the staw between two cans to let dry.

Alternatively.. if you know the exact size of the paper straws that you need for your craft… make them the right length to begin with.

Your DIY Stripey Paper Straws are finished! Now remember the stripes don’t have to be perfect to make this a fun craft.

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