How to… make funky Party Bags!


Well. How exciting is this. First Guest Posts. Then Gallery posts. And now a VLOG! Yes, a VLOG – which is a Video Log. Well, technically it isn’t mine, as I did this vlog with Incredibusymum ( My lovely friend and neighbour. Here we (she) will show you how to make funky party bags out of old magazines – not only do they look great, save you money, but they are also environmentally friendly! The ones made today for the vlog, will double up as popcorn bags for Red Ted! Woohoo!

What’s really great about these, is that you need to do NO cutting, just a magazine, some pritt stick and a box (e.g. tissue box). And off you go!

Once you are done, we suggest you keep them folded and weighed down a little, to really let the glue glue! And then fill them with party goodies (e.g. homemade biscuits and muffins) and impress all your guests!

PS another reason why these are fab, is as “by definition”, these party bags will feature your kids’ favourite characters… as you are using up their old magazines!!!

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