How To… Paint A World Map Mural (DIY)

World Map Mural Welcome back to this week’s How To! We have a fabulous “DIY World Map Mural” from the wonderful Rachel over at Quirky Momma showing us “how” this week. I lover her mural, as it is sleek, neat and cool. This would look great both in a home with or without kids. Use some magnetic paint first and you could REALLY make this mural interactive – add magnetic markers to show where you have been, “pin photos” or show family and friends that live far away. Brilliant idea. You do “need” and overhead project – maybe you can borrow one from school or work.

Rachel is a wonderful lady – she is open, friendly and helpful. She has great ideas. Rachel’s blog – Quirky Momma – is a fabulously fun blog full of fun learning activities for kids.  As with all my guest posters – her blog really is worth a look. You will find all sorts of inspirational ideas. So if you like today, do go and visit!

Over to Rachel to show us how she made her own World Map Mural:

world map wall decor
As a former Social Studies Teacher, I love geography and I want to instill a global-mindset into my preschoolers minds.  We recently moved and are having fun transforming the new house into a home – i.e. we are swamped with reconstruction projects.  I wanted to liven up the blah wall that was left after we opened up the office area to become a eat-in kitchen, and wanted to imprint to the world into my kids minds.  We are so small compare to the scope of global issues.  I want to help my kids realize there is a big world out there, with big needs.  The world is bigger than the neighborhood, town, country we live in.  Large maps are expensive or tacky.  Map mural to the rescue!!!
What we needed to create our mural:
  • An overhead projector [or a project that connects to a PC/ laptop – borrow one from school or from work]
  • An image of the world
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Permanent marker
  • Paint [use magnetic paint to make the mural interactive]
  • Paint Brushes
  • 2 hours of kids-hands-off drying time (easier said than done)

To make the mural I printed off a picture of the world [or find one for your PC, if you have a project that connects to a PC].  Then I put the plastic wrap over the picture and traced the world with my marker.  This meant that I didn’t have to buy transparency paper – I’m a tightwad.  Project your image onto the wall and fill it in.  This is super easy!

world map mural before

This is what our kitchen area looked like when we moved in and you can see the progression of the mural to completion.  I like my new kitchen!!!

diy world map muralworld map mural

Where did we get our inspiration?
Michelle, from Girl in Air, has a fun crafty blog – check her out!

This DIY World Map Mural would of course look FABULOUS in a class room too! Why not have a go? I am dying to…

Don’t forget to go and visit Rachel too!

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