How to… Rose Petal Wedding Confetti

A short and sweet “how to” for you.. we are going to a good friend’s wedding at the weekend and I was charged with getting hold of some Rose Petal confetti.

We have been collecting roses from our garden and friends’ gardens for some weeks now…


Simply gently pull off the petals, spread them out on some newspaper and let them dry over 2-3 weeks. Easy and lovely!

Not  all of ours have dried yet, but the main aim was to avoid anything going mouldy. So I think it is lovely to have some “fresh” petals amongst the dried and I think the bride will be happy with her homemade Wedding Confetti!

AND… here is a top tip from se7en (via the comments): “We have found that if you pop them on some kitchen tissue paper in the microwave for thirty seconds and turn them and thirty more… you get beautiful crispy petals… the bright colors stay!!!”